3rd Annual Student-Athlete Academic All-Star Celebration

3rd Annual Student-Athlete Academic All-Star Celebration

Golden West College's 3rd Annual Student-Athlete Academic All-Star Celebration

On May 10th the Golden West College Athletic Department will honor the students who have earned a CUM GPA of 3.0 or higher while representing their sport. These students-athletes work tirelessly on the field, in the pool, in the gym, and especially in the classroom. The all-star celebration will take place in the Athletic Gym from 1:00PM – 2:30PM. A record number of student-athletes (105) will be honored. 

GWC Athletic Team:  Student-Athlete Academic All Stars

                                    Team                           Number of Academic All Stars

                                    Football                                               25
                                    Baseball                                              12
                                    Men's Soccer                                        9
                                    Men's Track/Cross Country                   9
                                    Men's Water Polo/Swimming                17
                                    Men's Volleyball                                    4

                                    Softball                                                 3
                                    Women's Soccer                                    5
                                    Women's Track/Cross Country              5
                                    Women's Volleyball/Beach VB                8
                                    Women's Water Polo/Swimming            8


It is with great thanks to the leadership of Albert Gasparian, Dean of Health Ed, Kinesiology, School of Nursing and Director of Athletics that the emphasis of academic excellence is placed side-by-side with the emphasis of excellence is athletics.