GWC Athlete's Honored At Scholarship Award Ceremony

Huntington Beach, Calif. - Golden West College hosts the 26th annual Scholarships and Awards Ceremony held Tuesday, May 8th, awarded 16 student-athletes a total of 24 scholarships for their academic achievements in 2011-2012. Over $3.9 million dollars have been awarded to students of Golden West College since 1986.


Make a Difference in a Students Life…

 Student success is an ongoing commitment at Golden West College.  For many students it is the key that opens the door to an education at a four-year institution, a certificate program, or learning new skills.  Scholarships assist those students who need a financial boost to complete their education or the recognition to inspire then to continue.  Contributions are tax deductible. The entire scholarship donation is given to the student.  The GWC Foundation does not charge a management or administrative fee for scholarship donations.

If you would like more details or discuss scholarship opportunities, please contact Margie Bunten at or 714-895-8315.