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GWC Transfer Statistics
It is important to know that the main purpose of the Golden West College Athletic Department is to help develop our athletes in the classroom so that they may continue their education at the next level.

College 100
All athletes are encouraged to take a class that is aimed at teaching the fundamentals, skills, and techniques required to be successful in the classroom. The class focuses on the following:

Teaching students organizational skills such as long-term planning and time management
Teaching students effective note taking skills and preparation for quizzes and tests.
Teaching students attitude development while building self-esteem.

Transfer Agreements with CSU & UC Schools
Golden West College is one of the top schools in California regarding transfer rates to CSU and UC schools. GWC also has transfer agreements, whereby students are guaranteed admission to these schools upon meeting set requirements.

One Full-Time & Two Part time Athletic Academic Counselor Devoted to Student Athletes
The athletic program has an Academic Advisor who’s only load are student athletes. This is very important since the focus is on making sure that the athletes are in the correct classes, understand what they need to do to graduate, and have a great resource to ask questions and get clarifications.

Study Table
Select athletes are required to spend three hours a week in study table. Study table is part of the Academic Gamp lan. This is where the athletes can work on the skills they were taught in class. Such skills as note taking, test preparation, and time management.

Free Tutoring for Student Athletes
Tutoring centers are available on campus for student/athletes to drop in and get help in a variety of subject matters. The best part is that these facilities are proctored by teachers, not students.

Mapping Out the Academic Plan – Student Education Plan
Begin with the end in mind. Every student/athlete upon registration at Golden West will be provided with a degree checklist which will detail every class that the athlete must take to complete his AA degree. This checklist is reviewed every semester with the student/athlete and the academic advisor.

Top Notch Instructors and Facilities
Athletes will be instructed by an all star team of teachers. All of the teachers have completed their Masters degree with a fair share of those people having Doctorate degrees in their subject matter. Our facilities are state-of-the-art with a majority of our classroom being equip with a “smart board.”